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Jul 10, 2009 9:00pm EDT
" was based in parts on the boston mob. tonight, two boys growing up in the same neighborhood took two different paths in life. one joined a gang and the other the fbi. he could be loyal to his past or loyal to the law. here's dennis murphy. >> the american melting pot never got much warmer than a simmer here. i iris went south and the italians went north. it's as different as dark beer and dark espresso. this is a story of one man by the south, who took the badge and took on the tough guys of the north. some would say that he won the war but lost his soul. >> were they gangsters? you have to understand that that was the business that i was in. i was in the murder mayhem business. >> he was a mobster with a brilliant future. >> john conley. >> giving tips to rookie the line. >> a snitch. >> they are either going to rule you or you are going to rule them. >> john practiced what he preached. in a celebrated 20-year career, he turned mob criminals into the fbi's informants. >> our line was, put the mafia family away. you had to penetrate these people. >> he had been retired for nine years
FOX News
Jul 26, 2009 6:00am EDT
when immunity white house the boston herald took up this issue in an article yesterday -- local bartenders in the boston area among some laden with local brews, sam adams and the one i would choose here because you have to have it massachusetts where. mike foley of jj foley is a pint of guinness because it takes so long to drink guinness is enough to iron out their differences. it is a good point. but it also takes a long time to pour the guinness and these guys need to get right to the drinking. i don't know that guinness is the right thing. i need american beer. >> sam adams is right out of cambridge brewing company, amber ale out of that area so maybe that's an appropriate one. i vote for, i don't know, -- do i idea. i think because they want cooler heads to prevail and they want this to be a teachable moment, it should be the wiser. if i do appreciate the fun. it was witty and bryant. budweisers not american anymore. it's like from belgium or something. that's not american. >> alysin: is still represents america. it's the standard bearer. what's funny is you may think that w
Jul 4, 2009 8:00am EDT
, boston tea party, we know a lot about the boston before that and supposedly everybody helped boston and somehow that act of generosity, everybody helping boston, led to a revolution. and that's kind of the official story and i'm not quite sure of the lastibility of that story. there was another act that parliament passed which was much more harsh. it actually revoked the 1691 charter or the constitution of massachusetts, new england town meetings, in place for more than a century, outlawed. you could meet once a year, and that one time all agenda items had to be approved by the governor, the royal governor. your representatives had absolutely no power. the people who they used to appoints were all appointed by the king. basically, it was total political disenfranchisement. now the revoke of that constitution triggered the "rural unrest." here's what happened, in every local county seat, she called them shire towns in 1774, as soon as the local government was slated to convene, that is the local government upped british authority, the people would gather and they would actually, in t
Jul 30, 2009 12:00pm EDT
of the responses throughout the day. and thank you so much for being part of it. >>> a boston police officer may likely lose his job because of something that he said about professor gates' arrest. justin barret sent out a mass e-mail apparently in which he used a racial slur to reference the professor. now, he sent the e-mail to fellow members of the national guard and to "the boston globe oich ." yesterday he apologized but denied he's a racist. his lawyer explicitly referenced the slur when he said barret's comments were taken out of context. here's what they said. we want to caution you. you may find some of this language offensive. >> i am sorry that i wrote that. i'm sorry that my family has to deal with the selfish motivation and feelings that i had. i regret that i used such words as -- i have so many friends of every type of culture and race you can name, and i am not a racist. >> justin barret didn't call henry gates a jungle monkey, to malign him racially. his behavior was like that, and it was a characterization of the actions of that man. >> i am sorry for the content of the e-mail.
Jul 25, 2009 6:00pm EDT
and the black professor he arrested. in an e-mail to the boston globe the professor said he will accept the offer to meet over a beer at the white house. the e-mail said it's time for all f us to move on and assess what we can learn from the experience. president obama took the unusual step of what may be called bar stool diplomacy. he helped fan the flames of controversy higher a few days ago when he said the police department acted stupidly. >> my sense is you've got duogood people in a circumstance in which neither of them wanted to be involved. >> reporter: they appreciate the guessture by the president. p president hopes the resolution of this issue can be a teachable moment. in his words when everyone can stop pumping up the volume and take a moment to listen to one another. >> there racially is something that need not take off and look and feel the way it is beginning to look and feel. >> reporter: according to his brother, officer crowley hopes to put this behind him. >> after his arrest, gates contemplated a lawsuit and even vowed to make a documentary. >>> an american airlin
Jul 4, 2009 8:00pm EDT
arrest. what happened is in the wake of the tea party, the boston tea tea party, the british imperial government, we know a lot about the boston act because supposedly everybody helped boston and somehow that act of generosity lead to a revolution. that this kind of the official story and i am not quite sure of the plausibility of that story. there was another act that parliament passed which was much more harsh. we actually revoked the 1691 charter or the constitution of massachusetts. new england town meetings in place for more than a century al laude. you could meet once a year and that one time all agenda items had to be approved by the royal government. your representatives had absolutely no power. the people who they used to appoint appointed by the king. basically it was total disenfranchisement. the revoking of the constitution triggered the rural and res. here is what happened. in every local county seat, they called them shier towne paulsen 1774 resendiz the local government was slated to convene, the local government under british authority, the people would gather and they
Jul 10, 2009 10:00pm EDT
, boston, and miami. john connolly, according to direct testimony from the stand, was helping flemmi and bulger to save the skin, not the least of his own. how would they do that? five killing potential witnesses against him. in 1982 they met at his apartment in south boston. connolly warned a man was spreading stories about the killing of the legitimate businessman at the country club. >> he said that -- according to connolly, he whispered the snitch and he wases no more. >> did he tell you what happened? >> he said they ballooned. >> what does that mean? >> that was a nickname that he had given to halloran. >> because he had a big head? >> because he had a big head, yeah. >> then came testimony from mart ran know. he said that he killed his hit man to avoid -- including john connolly flemmi and he would "take care of it". >> what does that mean, take care of it. >> he would kill him. >> did john connolly know exactly what was going to happen? >> he gave us the information and knew the reputation. >> it would make sense at this point for the prosecution to call whitey and have him c
Jul 25, 2009 3:30pm EDT
's absolutely gorgeous. one other idea is the neighborhood. you're talking about boston here. i've spent some time in boston. there's an interesting change there that made one neighborhood very accessible. >> better believe it gerri. the old historic part of boston, the north end, very italian-american. great restaurants. it used to be separated from the rest of boston by an elevated highway and they took it down and now the north end is part of boston once again. it's a great place to stroll. paul revere's house, the old north church. they're having two restaurant weeks in august. save tons of money, go to great restaurants in the north end for as little as $15 for lunch. this is a great deal, a beautiful urban neighborhood. >> thanks for your help today. >> my pleasure. >>> getting creative in today's economy. we'll show you what some folks are doing to get by.
Jul 12, 2009 6:30am EDT
environment is adding new pressure. kim lawton has our report. >> reporter: boston's historic church of the covenant has been an important place for anne crane and sarah perreault. the lesbian couple had their first date there in the late 1970s and by the time massachusetts legalized same-sex marriage, the two had been active members for more than 25 years. so a church wedding seemed the obvious choice. >> in particular, we wanted to be married at our home church with our community and our family and friends. >> reporter: but it was complicated. church of the covenant is dually aligned with two mainline denominations: the united church of christ and the presbyterian church. and while the u.c.c. has no problem marrying same-sex couples, it's against national presbyterian policy. >> well, it's painful to know that the church that i've been a part of all my life does not recognize our relationship and our marriage as being a legitimate marriage. >> reporter: church of the covenant worked it out so that a retired u.c.c. minister conducted the ceremony, and the presbyterian side of the ch
Jul 9, 2009 7:00am EDT
. just saying. >> hmm. >>> let's head off to sam champion, who is all kind of water in boston, to show us the tall ships. sam? >> we've got lots of water. diane, robin, chris, good morning. we're in boston harbor. we'll talk about that throughout the morning. let's talk about the weather that moved through this area and across the country. we'll show you pictures of a hailstorm that moved through the hopkinton, massachusetts, area. ten tornadoes yesterday. severe weather today, in the midwest and central plains. hurricane-force winds already this morning, near sioux falls, south dakota. from minneapolis, to des moines, to k.c., to omaha, 60-mile-per-hour winds today. texas is involved in this. near-record-high temperatures. five to ten degrees above normal. and we are live in boston, throughout the morning. let it be said that summer starts in boston today, at 2009. >> they need it there. thanks, sam. >>> now, we turn to the news out of north carolina. a scoring husband, who took his wife hostage for 13 hours before setting their home on fire. abc's andrea canning has more on this standof
Jul 4, 2009 12:30pm EDT
against the british government. in the old state house in boston, the council chamber matt, the superior court, he challenged chief justice hutcheson and the many other justices, that this was a violation of basic english rights. in fact, a he claimed for 41/2 hours, present people were astounded, he had a british -- brilliant mind. he knew british law intimately. he talked so long, i hope i don't tonight, that seventh had to light the lamp so people could see. at the end, he declared his most famous, and which was taxation without representation is tyranny. john adams was a lonely 24 but already an attorney. he was fascinated, he later wrote in his diary, the child independence was born. after that, james the patriot organized with sam adams and mercy's husband, james warren, organized liberty, for the next ten years or so, the things you have studied, all of the act, the stamp act, the intolerable acts, so on and so forth, all of the things that happened, mercy's brother, james the patriot, was at the head of them. but he was getting a little talkative, a little over-the-top, a little
Jul 24, 2009 6:00am EDT
of boston. the greens, the yellows, heavy rain. the blues, light scattered stuff. but the center, the low, is right around boston itself. low pressure right now and that is stretching the rain in toward northern parts of maine at this time. heaviest rain is around new hampshire, vermont. we had flash flood watches. two inches of rain all the way through boston today. that stretches all the way up toward a the north and more rain in the carolinas. we'll get to that in the next half hour. >> all right, bob. awesome. talk to you soon. >>> there could soon be an unwelcome surprise in your mailbox. 'tis the season for tax assessments. >>> well, 11 minutes past the hour. more now on our top story. five rabbis from new jersey and brooklyn are among the 44 people arrested in a massive corruption sting and correspondent richard lui is joining us. let's talk about the alleged role in all of this. what are the accused of doing? >> they're accused of setting up charitable organizations used to launder millions of dollars. prosecutors say the rabbis were paid a fee and their alleged dealings stretched
Jul 1, 2009 2:00pm EDT
? >> boston is a possibility. i think san antonio is another possibility. all the contenders know that getting rasheed wallace can put them over the to but i think san antonio and boston are the two front runners. both of those teams have a lot of veterans, a coaching staff you have to respect. so they both got good shots. i'm going to say san antonio. rasheed is very close with larry brown, who is obviously close with greg pap o'victim, and he would have a great shot at winning there, and starting there. alongside tim done can. so i think san antonio but boston has a great shot. >> what's the latest on the piston's search for a head coach. >> joe dumars spoke to avery johnson last night. if a and i collins are the two names on the short list. i think avery is probably the front runner, but it's going to be interesting to see how this works out because he has two years at $4 million each left with his dallas contract. so, it will be interesting to see if they can move him out of retirement. >> thank you. here are as the list of many of the free agents available. two keys the the lakers champio
Jul 26, 2009 3:30pm EDT
about boston here and i spent some time in boston, interesting change there that made one neighborhood very accessible. >> you better believe it, gerri. the north end. very italian american and great restaurants and used to be separated by the rest of boston by a big elevated highway and made an underground highway and now the north end is part of boston again. they're having two restaurant weeks in the month of august. go to many great restaurants for as little as $15 for lunch. a beautiful, beautiful urban neighborhood. >> all right, marks, thanks for your help today. >>> getting creative in today's economy, what some folks are doing to get by.
Jul 26, 2009 7:00am EDT
in boston and talk to people there. we'll go local in boston. you are watching "hardball" only on msnbc. >> my hope is that as a consequence of this event that this ends up being what's called a teachable moment where all of us, instead of pumping up the volume spend a little more time listening to each other. at 155 miles per hour, andy roddick has the fastest serve in the history of professional tennis. so i've come to this court to challenge his speed. ...on the internet. i'll be using the 3g at&t laptopconnect card. he won't. so i can book travel plans faster, check my account balances faster. all on the go. i'm bill kurtis and i'm faster than andy roddick. (announcer) "switch to the nations fastest 3g network" "and get the at&t laptopconnect card for free". but did you know you also get hotel price assurance? it's a one-two punch of savings -- pow! pow! lower hotel booking fees mean you get a lower total price. plus, if another orbitz customer then books the same hotel for less, we send you a check for the difference, automatically. >>> the fact that ithas garnered so much attentio
Jul 8, 2009 4:30am EDT
. boston, still an active part of the northeast. meanwhile, new york through d.c. should be fairly quiet. good news there as far as your travels are concerned. this will likely remain in place at least through just about the finish of the week before it fizzles out across the southeast. northern florida a chance of showers. your morning commute will be settled but a chance for thunderstorms especially out to providence and boston. there's a look at the region. let's check out your local forecast. burlington, vermont, also in line for showers. 68 degrees. mostly cloudy skies. hartford, connecticut could see thunderstorms especially early this afternoon. 78 your daytime high. meanwhile, wilmington, north carolina, looking did. christina, a few areas with repeat performance of showers. we'll talk about that more in the next couple days coming up. >>> thanks, todd. >>> stocks fall, oil tumbles and google does battle with microsoft. your early morning business headlines straight ahead. >>> plus, the skies opening up in london last night couldn't stop the premiere of the latest harry potter fl
Jul 23, 2009 4:30am EDT
of the heavy rain should be up there more or less towards providence, hartford, cape cod, and into the boston area. well, christina too much to ask, right, new england for two nice days in a row? at least we had yesterday. >>> brand expansion at g.m. and the comeback. and recession-proof rodeo. your early morning business headlines are straight ahead. >>> plus, johnny depp has tackled some offbeat parts before, but how about a gender-bending musical role? >>> the red sox had a bat, manny with a flare for the dramatic, and lebron james finally getting dunked on and made public. you're watching "early today." >>> good morning and welcome back to "early today." i'm chris theen that brown. and here are some of your top headlines this morning. >>> investigators looking into the death of pop star michael jackson raided the houston clinic of jackson's personal physician wednesday. the doctor was with the singer when he died. a lawyer for that doctor said authorities were searching for evidence of manslaughter, but police said they do not consider the doctor to be a suspect. >>> there are reports tha
Jul 10, 2009 4:30am EDT
to be around $1 million. >>> thousands of visitors to boston harbor turned out for a lofty, look at these pictures. 45 vessels sailed in. visitors can board of these trendous ships. the ships come from different countries, 17 in all, and they will eventually race across the atlantic to northern ire land. >>> and a zoo in washington, d.c. celebrated a giant milestone. marks the fourth birthday for their giant panda on loan from china. it included a three-tier frozen cake made of booets and bamboo. mmm. that birthday bear happy to dive right in. what every kid wants for their birthday. >>> now for a look at the national and regional weather, here's meteorologist todd santos with the weather channel forecast. >> happy friday. >> happy friday to you. we made it another week. >> we did. i wish we could celebrate with one of those three-tiered booet cakes. >> let me know how that turns out for you. >> i bet you could find it in new york city. including today the sun. many folks will finally be very happy about this. yesterday afternoon, pretty solid setup across the area. boston, even
Jul 31, 2009 3:00pm EDT
deserve it. that does it for us. have a great weekend! . >>> the boston police officer that called professor gates a jungle monkey and e-mailed on and on. he suddenly clams up on larry king. i'm going to let you decide. the stock market, up? home prices, up? what's going on. good economic news? can't be, can it? we are asking ali. this congressman says health care reform will cause, quote, millions of additional dead children. millions of dead children? could it be. i'll ask him. are these officers trying to cover something up? >> she is drunk anyway. >> will their own words do them in? you will hear it on the national conversation for friday, july 31st, 2009. >>> hello again. i'm rick sanchez with the next generation of news. we like to call this a conversation. this isn't a speech. it is always your turn to get involved. >>> the heat continues on boston area police on the issue of racial profiling. just as it may have been starting to die down somewhat, a police officer wrote possibly as offensive an e-mail as could be written to or about a black person. now, he is talking about
Jul 4, 2009 4:15pm EDT
foot on the battlefield in 1775 when they signed up or by 1776 as the siege of boston continued. nathaniel greene was a quaker furthermore. he was a quaker with a bad limp because of a childhood accident and all he found the profession and arms and shoulders of an iron worker but about a fifth reeducation at most. but he also never stopped reading books and all he knew about the military, all that he could boast to understand and his role as a general at 33-years-old plus from what he had read in books. yon henry knox was only 25. he had blown off part his hand in a hunting accident. he was a big velo, a bookseller in washington who became the commander in artillery and all he knew about the military, all that he ever could claim to know is what he had read in books. but we have to keep in mind this was a period, 18th-century, age of enlightenment when people believed reading books was a good way to learn things. [laughter] and they are -- they are splendid dix samples of that faith. washington had this capacity to spot talent and he also had great capacity to see things as they
Jul 30, 2009 3:00pm EDT
. but, wait. there are now new and unfortunate developments in this story. just hours ago, a boston police officer, did you hear about this? he was disciplined for essentially trying to, well, throw gasoline on this controversy. officer justin barrett wrote an e-mail to a boston globe correspondent, who had written about this case. the thing reads unbelievably. i have chosen a couple of excerpts to take you through so you can kind of understand where this guy is coming from. he writes, if i was the officer he verbally assaulted like a banana-eating jungle monkey, i would have sprayed him in the face. number two, i might as well ax you the question. he is talking to the reporter and specifically uses that word, ax. i might as well ax you the question, is this your first test at reporting? this is the police officer talking. number three, quote, he, indeed, has transcended back to a bumbling jungle monkey, g-damn fool and you this arl r article. boston's police commission ter, just a couple hours ago, he came out and announced a suspension and a possibly termination saying the officer
Jul 30, 2009 9:00pm EDT
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Jul 4, 2009 3:00pm EDT
-- we don't know about the boston black barber who was a witness called by john adams. remember he was counsel to defend in the boston massacre. he defended the british as old as against charges of massacre quite rightly claiming it had been an excuse what happened in a been a response to a panic stricken response to being stoned basically. so newton prince was there. >> up the stories that john adams was telling and within three days he was tarred and feathered and this was somebody who then could not wait actually to join general gauges army when it arrived at boston. this complicated story and tragic difficult story that if you are black in the american colonies on the eve during the revolution you had a choice, and a very large number of blacks in the south, slaves and the south loaded with their feet against america and under an illusion not entirely without some substance, a kind of wished that was setting them up for all kinds of heartbreak. they voted with their feet with a king with the union jack and the inclusion, of course if you been following this story or no, that th
Jul 30, 2009 6:00am EDT
. >>> raising eyebrows across the country. a boston police officer is apologizing for a racially charged letter in which he called henry louis gates jr., quote, jungle monkey four times. he was reacting to "boston globe's" column about gates' arrest when he wrote and he said in part, if i was the officer gates verbally assaulted like a banana-eating jungle monkey, i would have sprayed him in the face with o.c. or pepper spray. the commissioner and mayor want him to be fired. late last night, barrett and his attorney spoke to our affiliate and tried to backtrack. >> i am sorry that i wrote that. i'm sorry that my family has to deal with this selfish motivation and feelings that i had. i regret i used such words as -- i have so many friends -- every type of culture and race that you can name. i'm not a racist. >> justin barrett didn't call henry gates a jungle monkey. he stated the behavior was like that of one. it's a characterization of the actions of that man. >> a fine line, john. >> i would not want my attorney -- well, i don't know -- how can you? there's no defense. why hire a lawyer? and
Jul 4, 2009 6:15am EDT
is a different type of player. he's a happy-go-lucky -- ever since he went from cleveland to boston, he created this image of this guy that's just -- has no worry, he's just happy, out there just having fun, forgets how many outs there are, throws the ball in the stands and he's a clown, but in a good way and i love manny like a brother. so i wouldn't want anyone. i wouldn't want him to feel the way i felt when i was going through it and i am glad people see it in a different way and they're celebrating his return because he means so much to the dodgers. >> blue jays' first visit to the new yankee stadium, joe girardi and the yanks trying to get back on the winning track, alex -- bottom eighth, yanks up 1. alex rodriguez the solo homer to right, his 14th of the season and the yanks victorious. they've won 8-9. a-rod's 567th career homer leaves him two shy of rafael palmeiro for 10th place all time. the blue jays now 1-3 against the yanks this year. >> manny's former team, the red sox, hosting seattle. we go straight to the top of the 11th, game tied at 5-5 for rob johnson. he goes with the pitc
Jul 14, 2009 6:30pm EDT
in boston are often glad she is there. our story from nbc's peter alexander. >> i'm checking up on you. >> reporter: in the halls of the boston home, sister bridgette haas known as the flying nun. >> i just have to remember that what i can't do today i will do tomorrow. you'll do tomorrow. that's it. that's it. >> reporter: sister bridgette runs the spirituality and wellness program at the residential care center for adults with chronic neurological diseases. >> i believe there are three things we all hunger for, to know that we are loved, to make a difference, and to know that our lives have meaning. the meaning does not stop with illness. >> reporter: she added meaning to the residents' lives by hosting days of prayer including services for those who passed away, organizing field trips like this one to a local parade, and once when travel was an obstacle, even arranging for the boston red sox world series trophy to make one special stop. >> she is a spirit in and of herself, she has tremendous capacity to give, and to listen, and to give people hope. >> sister bridgette has become a
Jul 25, 2009 6:30pm EDT
that's proven to be very dangerous to passing planes, birds. in boston they are testing a new bird radar system that could airport officials and mremts an advantage during the heavy bird migration months in the fall and spring. here's nbc's tom costello. >> reporter: with six runways and 14 miles of taxiway, logan airport is boston's gateway to the world. 400,000 takeoffs and landings, 25 million passengers each year. but sitting right on boston harbor, it's also a favored for feathered flights. now six months after a flock of canada geese took out both engines on a us airways jet, forcing the landing on the hudson river, boston is testing something new. >> here we have heavy bird activity. >> reporter: it's called maryland, a 3-d radar sitting between two of logan's busiest runways, scanning the skies for birds, big and small. along a flight path that tracks millions of birds each year. >> they are tracking them 360 degrees. >> reporter: from starlings to geese, the birds show up as red or green dots superimposed over a map of the run waiz. large, incoming flocks trigger an alert
Jul 4, 2009 11:00pm EDT
's wendy's. nothing we brew is as versatile with food as boston lager. the sam adams lager goes beautifully with a lot of ethnic spicy foods. the maltiness and hoppiness work well with indian food. samuel adams boston lager is strong enough to support a heavier meal and it's balanced enough that's it's not going to overpower a lighter meal it could compliment a salmon dish with a little bit of spice to it. whether at a restaurant you're at home if you're having great food and you need a great beer, boston lager is the beer that i use. sam adams with great food-- there's nothing better. . >> gary: the line on sean o'sullivan, 5 2/3. and out of the bullpen, jason bulger. >> jim: the big guy from georgia. 22nd pick by the arizona diamondbacks, number 1 draft choice signed. he has been very, very good since april. 7 earned runs in 23 games, so that's a little bit under 2.52 runs a game. did get little roughed up. the bad news fort angels, all the grand slams that have been thrown, all three the year, jason bulger has thrown them this year. orioles trying to get another one on the board. the f
Jul 26, 2009 1:00pm EDT
with food as boston lager. the sam adams lager goes beautifully with a lot of ethnic spicy foods. the maltiness and hoppiness work well with indian food. samuel adams boston lager is strong enough to support a heavier meal and it's balanced enough that's it's not going to overpower a lighter meal it could compliment a salmon dish with a little bit of spice to it. whether at a restaurant you're at home if you're having great food and you need a great beer, boston lager is the beer that i use. sam adams with great food-- there's nothing better. (tucci) count on the nation's fastest 3g network. at&t  >> bob: willingham and bard follow. and hugee.
Jul 5, 2009 5:00pm EDT
you down. starting august 16th, fly southwest airlines from bwi airport to boston logan for just $49 one-way. bags fly free on southwest so our low fares stay low. grab your bag. it's on. - ( ding ) - book now at  >> jim h: tuesday, july 28, help orioles support the maryland foodbank and found out if your favorites have what it take in the kitchen. it's the cookoff. join the players roberts, guthrie and zaun. it will be at espn zone 11:30 to 1:00. they will compete in the first- ever cooking competition. for more visit, visit call for ticket or go to we have no idea what the aspiring chefs will cook. roberts, guthrie, and zaun will be the chefs. several years ago the orioles' wives had a charity cookbook and everybody submitted recipe and that was very popular. maybe now these players -- >> jim p: like i said, i'm going with gregg zaun. he has been in the league longer. >> jim h: knows his way around the kitchen? >> yes. >> jim h: veterans have to get their nourishment. >> jim p: the yankees hitters used to travel with a bunsen
Jul 21, 2009 4:30am EDT
marva. and that's moved into providence and through the boston area. light rain now breaking out. anywhere from rhode island and eastern mass, the heaviest rain this morning. later today, i think this connection down to the south is just starting to fill in off of atlantic city. that will come straight up over new york and into connecticut. some areas could pick up 1 to 2 inches of rain. so the heaviest rains today, really new york city through glue england. the southeast, not bad. temperatures in the mid-80s. a sun and cloud mix. here's a look at the weather outside your window. >>> that heavy rain should move into hartford sometime probably mid-morning to late morning and then continue during the afternoon. definitely bring your umbrella today anywhere in new england. areas to the south look dry. >>> dan, another cool day for areas from chicago to new york. this july is starting to feel like the year without a summer. >> but you know what? we're going to get hit in august, september, october, right? >> we'll see. >> right? all right, no guarantees. thank you, bill. >>> hopeful
Jul 12, 2009 10:30am EDT
-sexeddings. but t changing legal enronment is adding new pressure. kim lawton s our report. >> report: boston's historic church of the covenant h been an imptant place for anne crane and sarah peeault. the lesbianouple had their first date there in the late 1970snd by the time massachusetts legalizedame-sex marriage, the twoad been active members for morthan 25 years. so a church weddingeemed the obvious choice. >> in particular, we wanteto be married at our home churc with our communitand our faily and friends. >> reporter: but it was complicated urch of the covenant is dlly aligned with two mainline denomations: the united church of chri and the presbyterian church. and while the u.c.c. has no problem maying same-sex couple it's against national presbyteri policy. >> well, it's painful know tht the church that i've been parof all my life does not cognize our relationship and our marriage as bng a legitime marriage. >> reporter: churcof the covenant workeit out so that a retired u.c.c. nister conducted the ceremony, anthe presbyterian side of the chuh officially stayedut of it. ane and perr
Jul 25, 2009 11:00pm EDT
. it is more of a family home run. it was a free run shot, and quickly boston was out 3-0. he takes care of adam jones. a single brings then nolan. his first game with the red sox. boston just traded for him. over the monster it goes. the orioles have not won in boston since july 11, 2008. baltimore a 7-2 was the final perio. it was played exceptionally well today in the second round because of rain. that was a pga tour record. he did not have a shot of the day. olson was at 15 par-3. it ricochets in. i had not heard of the young man, but we have heard of him now. his reaction is priceless, because he knows he gets a new red bmw roadster. fresh of the soccer extravaganza last night, david beckham tries to make friends by shaking hands with fans instead of yelling at them. he pays mightily. that had to hurt. kansas city was up 1-0. donovan through the metaiddle. he bank debt off the crossbar. -- bank debt off the crossbar. ins n/a 1-1 type. mark martin gets the poll. last year he predicted victory in the race but finished 11th. stay with us. stay with us. what you might not know is that y
Jul 24, 2009 11:00pm EDT
in boston tonight. >>> hello, everybody. soccer supremacy at the purple palace downtown. ac milan versus chelsea in the continued world football challenge. 71,203 witnessing quite a match. 7th minute, 1-0 chelsea. a minute later, up steps clarence sador of ac milan. watch him on this shot as it's all tied up at one apiece. on the final goal of the night, a case of back at ya ricochet rabbit. chelsea holds on to win by the final score of 2-1. >>> baseball, brad burgson and the orioles in boston. matt wieters nails jacoby ellsbury at the plate. he's a greedy man. 3-1 bosox, top 9. 3-2 pitch from jonathan papelbon, swing and a miss. orioles fall. boston ends its five-game skid. masn on wjz sunday when the orioles and red sox hook up for game three of three. >>> finally, put up your dukes. a full slate of boxing all set for canton tomorrow night. main card features james keep 'em sleepin' stevenson versus ken durham for the welterweight title. >> he's a boxer puncher, which means he can do both. he mixes it up, a lot of power, speed, moves around real well. i think he has a bright future in
Jul 6, 2009 11:00pm EDT
elbow surgery. >>> in boston tonight, an emotional homecoming for former red sox short stop nomar garciapara, now with oakland. he got a standing ovation that lasted more than a minute. prior to the game he was on the brink of tears talking about his love for boston fans. in his second at-bat against red sox starter john smoltz, nomar would single in a run to start the scoring for the a's. he welcomes himself back with two hits and oakland goes on to beat boston. strong emotions in nashville. current and former members of the tennessee titans, including eddie george and longtime coach jeff fisher gather to reflect on the life and career of murdered quarterback steve mcnair. mcnair played 11 seasons with the titans before finishing here in baltimore. tennessee is where the qb is most reveered. >> oh, he loved nashville. and i talked to him also about his experience in baltimore, and he loved that experience. from steve to ozzie to brian, to all of his teammates, he loved that experience, but this was his home. >> in baltimore, mcnair is the third leading passer in ravens history. t
Jul 20, 2009 4:30am EDT
in the northwest and in the northeast. >>> highs in the 80s from boston to atlanta. 91 in miami. 88 in new orleans and 94 in dallas. just 78 in chicago while st. louis, omaha and the twin cities all hit 82. hotter than normal out west, sacramento climbs to 101. boise, 95 and portland, 92. >>> and when we co back on "america this morning," a deal for a documentary about michael jackson's final days is in the works and it is worth a lot of money. that's part of the business news straight ahead. >>> and president obama is set for a full-court press for health care reform but the clock is working against him. hmmm... well... naaa... yeah! calculating for getaway. ♪ find your way to a perfect destination at busch gardens... and water country usa... where family-fun surrounds you... and world-class rides astound. start at it's the all new sesame street forest of fun... at busch gardens in williamsburg. with four family-friendly rides... and everyone's sesame street friends. ( elmo giggles ) ♪ big and small! there's fun for all! ♪ >>> stocks are starting the week higher building o
Jul 24, 2009 11:00pm EDT
the president for having made that statement. >> comedian bill cosby spoke from boston. >> if both parties woul realize that they would be huge, huge human beings and tell exactly what happened, nobody has to apologize. >> the president invited both men to the white house for a beer. it is not clear when it will happen, but professor gates attorney said he does not drink beer but he will attend. caroline lyders, abc 7 news. >> we would all like to be flies on the wall. >>> leaders say they have taken a giant step forward overhauling health care. house democrats announced a plan to rein and the growth of medicare and steny hoyer is giving up in the policy -- leaving open the possibility that they will discuss the policies further. yesterday, senate leaders said a vote would not happen before the break there. >>> president obama announced more than $4 billion of education funding would be awarded to states on a competitive basis. they have to pass national standards, like the teachers' pay to student performance, and hire and fire teachers regardless of tenure. the teachers association supports t
Jul 31, 2009 4:30am EDT
. >> reporter: on talk radio in boston, some callers refused to accept there's some takeaw, some national lesson on race, that came from the arrest of professor gates. >> the teachable moment was lost when the professor's mother didn't teach him the lesson that every responsible parent teaches their kid. and that is, if you have an issue with a cap, it's yes, sir, no, sir. and you keep your damn mouth shut. >> exactly. >> reporter:t this black barbershop in atlanta, there was a different take. >> the man who has the badge, has the power. that's the big lesson. >> the lesson learned is, just do what the officer is asking you to do. you know, you live to see another day. >> reporter: both the president and the attorney general have suggested the country could use more conversations about race. and the gates incident brings that. >> this i think presents us with that opportunity. and i hope the nation takes advantage of it. >> reporter: but the dialogue hasn't always been polite or pretty. in boston, the police officer took sides in an e-mail. >> black folks and white folks in america can look at t
Jul 4, 2009 7:30pm EDT
for change has come! chris: stop the presses. could we imagine boston without the globe. how about philly losing the enquirer. can a country run without newspapers. what happens when nothing is delivered to the driveway? love the one you're with, if newspapers go bye-bye what will replace them? will we go online. will websites be the papers of tomorrow. finally who is watching city hall. who will do the investigations in the towns and cities where papers are dying. who will catch the crooks without reporters? i'm chris matthews. welcome. tina brown of the daily and bob woodward of the "washington post" and gloria borger of cnn. and joe klein of "time" magazine. on tv we love watching this. >> mr. white, who gave you permission to barge in like a bull? >> there's a guy hanging from a rope. >> you goo down there lois and you too oleson, and assign a photographer. two of them. chris: back in the 1950's, newspapers weren't just romance, they kept the country moving. now we're down to 1500 daily's including denver's "rocky mountain news" have printed their own 00 bib waters. -- obitu
Jul 4, 2009 2:00am EDT
on the diamond in boston, we'll tell you what record of roger clemens tim wakefield put to bed. >> plus, rafael palmeiro, once suspended for steroid use, and a-rod, chasing rafi on the all-time homer list, got a little closer. >> nba free agency in full go, will the lakers be looking for a new coach? hedo turkoglu going north of the border. got those stories coming up. >> tiger woods wants to be the host with the least -- amount of shots, that is. on friday, he sent a warning to others ahead of independence weekend. independence weekend. ooooohhhh. i'm not beth. aaaaaahhh. ooooohhh. (announcer) calling all captains. drink responsibly. >> free agent forward hedo turkoglu changed his mind friday, decided not to join the trail blazers, instead accepted an offer from the raptors according to sources which say the deal is five years $50 million. nothing condition signed until july -- five years, $53 million. ric bucher, why trent? >> maybe most people can't make a distinction between portland, oregon and toronto, canada but hedo turkoglu can and that's why he accepted the deal with the rapt
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